Start Up Funding, Acceleration and Ecosystem Resources

Idea to IPO

  • Legal
  • Product Commercialization
  • Accounting/Taxes
  • Company Valuation
  • Graphics Design and Video
  • Web Development
  • Coders
  • Cost/FinancialModels

Traditional "business" is grown from personal savings, managed debt and long term planning. Today's entrepreneurial 'startup" is  founded on rapid, explosive growth and private investment. Building a dedicated, committed team is critical to achieving go-to-market expectations and rapid explosive growth.

GLJ Group brings together a broad range of resources that can help accelerate your business. We have a network of experienced professionals that have been working in the Silicon Valley innovation and startup ecosystem for years. We have lived the needs and challenges facing entrepreneurs.

​​The future of innovation will be driven by private investment through shared risk ecosystems and global teams