Gary Jinks Invited To Judge

Get In The Ring Middle East Semi FInals

Startup Castle, Woodside Ca.

Kris: Quality, real world advice.

Paul Petach
An outstanding presentation on the reality of starting a business from the investors side and what needs to be done to be successful.

Jay Mohan
This was an amazing talk. So many things from the investor's perspective. Especially the time taken by Gary before and after the talk for providing answers to all those questions. Thank you so much.

Carlos Serafin
Just landing in Mexico and getting so exited with the learning about yesterday Gary's talk. I already have my potencial angela list. See you soon guys!

Royce Ag Tech Incubator Panel

How To Get Funded

Abbott, Stringham and Lynch

Gary Jinks is a popular and dynamic speaker who supports innovation and entrepreneurs throughout the Silicon Valley. Gary is a frequent guest at local accelerators, pitch events and panel discussions.



​​The future of innovation will be driven by private investment through shared risk ecosystems and global teams