"​We had the best time yesterday & learned so much! It was the best 3-hours we've spent on this project so far." Colleen, Nicanor & the Amper Team

Glj Group Startup Acceleration

To be successful you need to prepared and execute efficiently - your competitors is.

2. You will then go back update, make necessary changes and address action items from the session.

3. When complete you will forward the updated documents back. We will walk through again and make detailed refinements, adjustments and modifications; generally 2-3 rounds of refinement

4. At this point you will have a Strategy, Plan and supportable Financials.

  • Full team participation is recommended; or key decision makers
  • We will work from your current documents, plan, pitch deck or create from scratch.
  • We will cover your entire plan and generate a draft "Pitch Deck"; this pitch deck will be your business plan

How it works

  1. Our first session will last around 3 hours

  • Investor Presentation "Pitch Deck"
  • Executive Summary - one page

2.  Investor preparation and documents

Our sessions will address two main areas:

  1. Business and Operations Planning
  • Understand the customer; Lean Canvas
  • Develop Strategic Plan
  • Develop a Financial Model
  • Have a plan, know what it costs

1 on 1 Acceleration Process Overview

The overall objective is to accelerate your company and put you in the best position for success. This 1on1 session is best suited to seed and early stage entrepreneurs and companies. I apply a formal process leveraging my experience, principles from cornerstone Bay Area incubators and work with highly successful investors. This process and approach has been honed over the years working with 100's of entrepreneurs and startups in a wide range of vertical markets. 

If you are an entrepreneur developing your idea, an early stage startup perfecting your value proposition or preparing to look for funding this is a great place to start. This is an opportunity to have your own 1on1 Silicon Valley incubator to educate and guide you in the "Startup" Business Model.

1 on 1 Acceleration offer - $1000



​​The future of innovation will be driven by private investment through shared risk ecosystems and global teams